Terms & Conditions

terms and conditions pksarkar magicshop


We do not make use of any kind of illegal or stolen products.
All the products developed are completely unique and copyrighted by P.K. Sarkar magic shop.
Re-selling or marketing of our products with another name is completely illegal and may lead to strict legal actions.


The contract has to signed and maintained between the P.K. Sarkar magic shop administrator authorities and the client only.
Involvement of any third-party individual is not entertained.
In case of negation in the terms and conditions of the contract, it is negotiable between the signing parties.


All the products of P.K. Sarkar magic shop are designed and developed by our employees and part-time employees as well.
The raw materials are purchased from both, National as well as abroad, depending on the availability.
Our finished products ensure great quality and user satisfaction at the cheapest price possible.
The products are manually checked and tested in all forms to make sure it doesn’t have any flaws.
Any defect in the product may lead to negotiation.


• P.K. Sarkar magic shop delivers their products through individual level courier services and third party delivery for abroad delivery.
The delivery is done once the complete payment has been made from the client’s end.
In case of damage to products on receiving the delivery, it may lead to a negotiation with the company.
Any damage done after the completion of the delivery and client’s acknowledgement, the company is not to be held responsible.
Currently for national delivery, we do not use any branded or local courier services, if someone presents themselves as such, it should be treated as a fraud.


• P.K. Sarkar magic shop accepts almost any sorts of payment method like cash, cheque, bank transfer, online payments, etc.
The client is entitled to pay 50% of the total amount while signing the contract / placing a bulk order. The rest of the amount is to be cleared before the delivery.
Any dues, credits or delays in the payment process from the client’s side is not acceptable, and may lead to order cancellation or other legal actions.


The cost of the products by P.K. Sarkar magic shop includes any tax or vat of 18%, within the product price.
The freight or delivery charges has to payed by the client, as the delivery service is adjustable on client’s request.
An extra charge needs to be paid by the client for the product packaging and delivery, depending on the product quantity and delivery distance.