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P.K. Sarkar magic shop currently has more than 700+ variety of products to choose from. The products are ensured to be of best quality and available at the cheapest price in the market. The different types of magic products available with us are :

• Close-Up : Also known as micro magic, is a magic trick performed in a close area set-up like sitting around a table. It includes tricks like sight of hand manipulations, etc.
• Conjuring : These types of magic tricks includes hypnotizing or cutting of humans into half and many more.
• Feather : These tricks are performed by a magician using a feather, to cast a spell and ceremonies to make a promotional change.
• Illusion : As the name suggests, these magic tricks includes all sorts of mirage or virtual representations of real situations.
• Puzzle : Magicians uses these types of tricks using some puzzle toys like the Rubik’s cube to create illusions to the viewers.
• Semi-Illusion : These are one of the best tricks used by the to put the viewers at shock situations, like making a human fly, or a rope stand straight, etc.


P.K.Sarkar magic shop provides development and delivery services throughout the country, as well as to outer countries like Bangladesh, China, Dubai and Sri Lanka using third party delivery services.

We also provide training classes to those who are serious and really interested in learning and knowing about magic. We prepare and groom them in such a way that they can take magic as a profession and can easily succeed in the magic industry, globally.

Our source of raw material for P.K. Sarkar magic shop are among the local markets of the nation and sometimes abroad, if the materials are not available in our country. External import is done only from china.


P.K. Sarkar magic shop provides many unique and attracting features to its client’s. Some of them are :

Products at the cheapest prices.
Best in the market quality products.
Rate of development and delivery is the minimal.
Secured, caring and trusted individual level courier service.
Money-Back or full replacement on defection or damaged products.
Ensures the availability of products at any time, maintaining a 70% to 75% stock of all the products.